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MORPHTECH was founded in 2006 in Rocky Mount, NC. Our mission is to create the best consumer products available in terms of quality, portability, and innovation of design.

The Cremco Tripod Stool was launched in early 2007 to an exceptional reception. The beauty of its design, compactness and ultimate portability was immediately recognized. The national launch of this exciting new product is underway.

The service to our customers, both retailers and the consumer, is second to none. Our customer service representatives are standing by to help in every way. The MORPHTECH distribution network, centered at the warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee, is totally integrated with our website and call center, creating a seamless system to satisfy all of our customer needs.

The continuation of the MORPHTECH line is under development and will soon bring to other consumer products the same sense of function and aesthetics seen in the Cremco Tripod Stool.

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