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We are always looking for additional outlets for our products.


The Cremco Tripod Stool has gotten a great reception from all kinds of people. End-users include hunters and fishermen, soccer moms and dads, people whose work requires squatting or kneeling, campers/hikers, golfers and golf tournament attendees, and many others. The pricing and uniqueness of the unit make it very desirable for the consumer and retailer. It is delivered in a shipper/display master carton containing 12 units which only occupies 15” x 11” of shelf space.


We welcome inquiries from retailers, distributors, mail order, business incentive and more.


If you are interested in carrying the Cremco Tripod Stool, please contact Customer Service (800-298-2298) and you will be directed to someone who can help answer your questions.


Thank you!

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